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"L Subramaniam happens to be the most perfect Indian violinist today"

                                                                       THE STATESMAN, New Delhi

"Through every one of his pieces, Dr Subramaniam made it amply clear
that he is, in fact, the greatest bowman today."

                                                                       THE HINDU, Madras   

"Immense scholarship...magic fingers...his concerts conform to the
highest standards...note and tone perfect."

                                                                      INDIAN EXPRESS, Bombay

"Subramaniam's Fantasy steals the show."

                                                                     HINDUSTAN TIMES, New Delhi


"L Subramaniam is the best this listener has heard..."

                                                                     THE NEW YORK TIMES

"L Subramaniam, greatest of classical Indian violinists, was both
Paganini and poet."

                                                                     SAN FRANCISO CHRONICLE

"Violinist L Subramaniam proved to be a peerless virtuoso.
Subramaniam's poetic imagination formed    inexhaustible permutations."

                                                                     LOS ANGELES TIMES

"It is simply incredible what this man can do with a violin...played
with pinpoint precision of intonation, unmatched by any musician."

                                                                     INFORMATION, Denmark

"His playing techniques are so advanced, no one has been able to
duplicate them."

                                                                     NEW STRAITS TIMES, Malaysia

"L Subramaniam is a phenomenon and a perfect virtuoso...master of

                                                                     GOTEBORG POSTEN, Sweden

"Subramaniam is very unique, outstanding...very important, individual
figure on the American music scene."

                                                                     STEREO. Japan

"...a performance of impeccable quality where virtuosity is matched
by sensitivity and expression."

                                                                    SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST,

                                                                    Hong Kong   

What the press said about L. Subramaniam's Fantasy
on Vedic Chants:

"Subramaniam...very successfully manages to bring East and West
together. It is a highly colorful and attractive piece. A tremendous
show piece, ought to bring down the house anywhere. It did,
Thursday night."

                                                                    NEW YORK POST

"The New York Philharmonic featured composition that linked
traditional Indian and Western music...Subramaniam's work was the
liveliest offering."

                                                                   TIME MAGAZINE

"L Subramaniam's Fantasy on Vedic Chants...accessible and very
exciting. ...His work proved a great hit with the audience."

                                                                    DAILY NEWS

"The Fantasy received a standing ovation at every performance."

                                                                   CASHBOX MAGAZINE           

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